Language Learning

Language learning is easy with the appropriate key. When you have found the key that is right for you, the door to an unknown world opens. Give yourself the permission to enter into a new world.

Come along with me on the adventurous journey. I would like to invite you to explore new and diverting ways to accelerate your personal progress of learning a new language. It is worth the effort. And the effort itself can be fun.

hen work is play and learning is fun…

Experience and enjoy it! 

Learning languages can and should be fun. In the case of your first language or mother tongue, learning just happens in a natural way. Enjoy the process of learning a second language!

Knowing some basics about how it works is both interesting and helpful in your personal language learning process. As you deepen your understanding, you will find new ways to improve your personal learning progress.

Let your enthusiasm help you

Researches show for example, that you can learn much faster, much more, and you forget less, when emotions are involved. You can reward yourself and significantly enhance your motivation level.

What happens when you switch from one language to another? It makes you feel different somehow. It is as if you look through a colored lens.

Sometimes people say: “German” (or another language) “is not beautiful. It sounds so …rigid/ugly/hard…” I don’t agree! I believe that every language is beautiful. Try it, taste it before you come to your judgment!

And don't think: “Yes, I think I should study a foreign language, it is good for my career.” Obviously I wouldn’t doubt that being proficient in several languages is excellent for you career, but I am talking about your most important ally who is called “motivation.

I suggest that you rather be seduced by a language.

Chances are much higher that you will want to use a short break or share the time you have at your disposal while you are commuting, with this exotic stranger -the new language that you are learning- if you are attracted to him than if you just think you ought to make some progress in your language learning process as soon as possible.

Using different languages is stimulating. Intelligence is evolving faster when different areas in the brain are tapped as it is the case when you use different languages.

Use the right tools

Learning a new language and having at your disposal the right tools can make all the difference. Which is the right tool? The one that is right for you. Not every size fits for all. It depends much on the kind of person you are.

What do you like? What are your favorites? What do you love? Do you like music? Then you should use it in your language learning process!